Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stereotyping the Dorms

There are a few stereotypes that you should be aware of by the time you get onto the CSU campus.  First of all, Corbett and Parmelee have the crazy partiers.  There is always a party going on in these dorms, and everyone stays up all night long.  Academic Village is where all the nerds live.  They spend all their time studying, never get out, and never have any fun.  Gruesome Newsom.  Summit is where all the spoiled, rich kids live, as they pay a lot for their nice, air-conditioned rooms.
While these are all stereotypes that many students think are true, not everyone in these dorms are like this.  No matter what dorm you end up in, you will have a great experience, as there are a lot of fun, normal people in each and every hall.

Westfall Hall

Academic Village

Allison Hall

Studying in the Dorms

It is important for a college student to develop a good balance of playing and studying.  However, sometimes it is difficult for a student to study in the dorm rooms.  There are many ways to get around this, as there are many resources available for students - both on and off campus.  Within the halls, there are study rooms that students can use if the rooms are too loud.  However, some dorms have more of these than others.  For example, Academic Village has two study rooms on the end of each hall.  Westfall, however, only has three study rooms for the entire building.  These are usually full at night, so it is recommended that students go to these early if they want to make use of the rooms.  If these are full, there are many places to study outside of the dorms.  The Morgan Library is a great place to study, as it is always quiet.  In addition, there are many coffee shops off campus that are open late, such as Alleycat which is open 24/7.  Regardless of how loud your hall mates are being, there is always somewhere to study, both on and off campus. 

A study room in Academic Village.

The Alleycat.

Living with a Happy Roomie

Worried about getting along with your roommate?  Here are some helpful hints to start off on the right foot:
1. Buy your roommate a small gift to give him or her before you move in.
2. Take the time to get to know your roommate before you move in.
3. Don't be afraid to ask personal questions.
4. Don't borrow your roommate's things without asking first.
5. Communicate the rules of the room.
6. Alternate who takes out the trash and does the chores.
7. Respect their privacy.
8. If you have a problem with your roommate, talk to them about it.
9. Hang out with your roommate outside of your room; develop a relationship with him or her.
10. Figure out a sleep and study schedule.
By following these ten guidelines, you will be sure to have a great dorm experience and get along great with your roommate!

Happy roommates!

Maximizing the Space in the Rooms

A cluttered unorganized room can make living in the dorms difficult.  Thankfully, there are many ways that one can arrange his or her dorm room in order to maximize free space and make the small room seem spacious.  Lofting a bed makes the room feel bigger, as it creates free space underneath the bed.  You can put chairs or a futon underneath these lofted beds.  Shelves and bins are also extremely helpful and a great decoration.  These allow you to hide your excess stuff and creates a "homey" environment.  Each dorm varies in layout, space, and closet design.  Since some rooms are smaller than others, it is important to know how to maximize the space in your dorm room.

A dorm room in Academic Village.

A closet in Allison.

A dorm room in Westfall.

Dining Halls

There are four different types of dining halls on campus, ranging from luxury to fast food.  In the mood for a more luxurious meal?  Academic Village Ram's Horn has a full dining hall, complete with a Mongolian grill, sports bar, outdoor patio, and Mexican buffet.  For a more casual dining experience, there is Spoons, which is located in Allison hall.  Spoons is a restaurant here in Fort Collins that serves soup and salad.  It is only open for breakfast and lunch, and serves new soups every day.  In addition, there is a standard dining hall located in between Durwood and Westfall hall.  Serving standard meals such as hamburgers and a salad bar, Durell is a typical college dining hall that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Hungry in between meals?  There are two places to grab snacks, a quick meal, or a midnight snack.  There is Durell Express, which is open late and serves things such as pizza, snacks, and milkshakes.  There is also Ram's Horn Express, located in Academic Village, which serves smoothies, snacks, and coffee.  Whether you are a vegan or a carnivore, there is always a place to grab food on campus.

Spoons in Allison Hall.

The Mongolian Grill in the Academic Village dining hall.

Corbett's standard dining hall.